8 (circle)

8 (circle)

philosophize your figure
what i have and haven’t held
you called and i came — stayed tall through it all
fall and fixture just the same thing

say nothing of my fable
what on earth is left to come
who’s agonized and gnawed through it all
I’m underneath your tongue

I’m standing in your street now
and i carry his guitar
n i can’t recall it lightly at all
but i know I'm going in

too much for me to pick up
not sure what forgiveness is
we’ve galvanized the squall of it all
i can leave behind the harbour

i will run… all around it
have to crawl … still can’t stop it
along the fires ….

one more time just pass me by
imma make it half the night
hall light wishes ….

to walk aside your favor
I’m an Astuary king
ill keep in a cave your comfort and all
unburdened and becoming

i will run… steal and rob it
have to crawl … still can’t stop it
along the fires
carry up love along unfettered time
now mona


(sealing off and on you're on your honor
carry off + up your seize
sailing off and ore your odd your honour
i believe )


haven’t i locked up my failures
wouldn’t i be last to see?
deny with love my labour
was it all i could find
well, atonements defined

from the core to the sky
from the door till we die
we live outside
keep waking up high