33 “GOD”

33 “GOD”

is the company stalling?
we had what we wanted: your eyes
with no word from the former
i’d be happy as hell, if you stayed for tea
this is how we grow now, woman
a child ignored
these will just be places to me now
the foreman is down
we’re rising the stairs


Staying at the ace hotel
if the calm would allow
then i would be just floating to you now
it would make me pass to let it pass on
I’m climbing the dash
that skin

(bird shit)_

well we walked up on that bolt in the street
after you tied me in in the driveway of that apartment of his bede

sent your sister home in a cab

said i woulda walked across any thousand lands
no not really if you can’t
i didn’t need you that night
not gonna need you anytime
was gonna take as it goes

i could go forward in the light
well i better fold my clothes